Whit Ehrler

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Residing In: Springfield, MO USA
Children: Whitney - 1965; Preston - 1966
What is your first instantaneous memory of Parkview?

I always think about all of those windows and the long halls. Also, that the school board was very proud of the fact that Parkview was built for $10 per square foot. Wouldn't you like to be able to build a house for that now?

Who was your favorite teacher and/or class and why?

Robert Lewis, the student government adviser. I also liked Ruth Cunningham, just as everyone did, James Ford and Fred Balden. Algebra, trigonometry and physics were my favorite classes.

What was your most embarrassing moment at Parkview?

When I tried to sing for a school musical at Jarrett. Couldn't do it then, can't do it now.

Describe your car and favorite destination:

We had a red 1950 Dodge. Favorite destination was Taylor's Drive-In.

How have you changed since Parkview?

I think that I am fundamentally the same person, but I was innocent then and had no idea of how much I had to learn. One of life's greatest experiences is having children. One of life's rewards is having grandchildren.

What careers have you pursued?

Most of my career has been in financial management of corporations, both large and small.

What has been your most exciting or interesting experience?

It's hard to top the birth of children and grandchildren. Sky diving. Traveling to Europe for the first time. Playing golf at Pebble Beach. Just seeing the Pacific Ocean. Downhill skiing. Yosemite.

What do you do these days to have fun?

Play golf when my back allows. Watch golf. Movies. I enjoy computers all the time. Digital photography.

What is it you still hope to do/accomplish?

Would like to learn enough Italian to speak with my grandchildren in their native language.


Spent 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and 18 years in Southern Connecticut. Also, lived for short periods in Michigan and Ohio. Returned to Springfield after 36 years.

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