Mike Diffenderffer

Profile Updated: December 26, 2016
Residing In: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Judy
Occupation: 41 years with Corporate America, last 21 years with the PGA TOUR, National Director of Marketing, Now retired.
Children: Andrew Elliott, born 1972, graduated Vaderbilt with MBA, Emory.
Cathryn, born 1975, graduated Vanderbilt More…also
Andy, two children, boy and girl
Cathy, the same! Whoops, Cathy added another boy! Love it!
Military Service: Marine Corps  
What was the most "fun" or "exhilarating" activity you've experienced in the past two years?

Outside of every day, the same year we got America back, we got America's team back....Cowboys!
Also hole in one!

What is it you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

Having as much fun as I have had in the past five years!

What is your first instantaneous memory of Parkview?


Who was your favorite teacher and/or class and why?

Ron Rucker followed by Jody Holden. Mr. Rucker assigned me a white mouse (biology class) and I was to keep it at home and see that it contracted malnutrition. He allowed me to name it Damnit. I fed it chocolate and water only. It did die but not of malnutrition, but TB, damnit.

What was your most embarrassing moment at Parkview?

Missing the team bus to a basketball game. I know the damn coach told me the wrong time. His name was Leslie Snowden and was the worst coach in America. Lot worse than Herb. Best coach was Pottenger!

What was your favorite song and who sang it?

The Chirping Crickets, Maybe Baby, That'll be The Day. I still play their album sometimes as I work out, great work out music!

Describe your car and favorite destination:

1956 chevy, blue and I sprayed the front end with black primer, cool. My favorite spot was a cul-de-sac in Southern Hills where I took dates to tell them about my philosophy of life. I did not have artwork.

How have you changed since Parkview?

I changed for a while and became dedicated to my career, my family, my investments, the way my house looked, I set goals, worked on leadership skills, motivation both self and others, set standards etc. I did that for 41 years. Now I am back to normal like I was at Parkview. I really don't give a shit about all of that (except family) and have, once again, become totally worthless and irresponsible.

What careers have you pursued?

Currently, I am trying to become an alcoholic except that I fall asleep before I get drunk.
My career started with the Springfield C of C out of college. Then Sears, 10 years in Dallas. Club Corporation of America, four years. PGA TOUR for 21 years all in Marketing and Sales in Ponte Vedra Fla. While with the TOUR I helped expand the Tournament Players Clubs from six to 26 clubs throughout the country. These clubs now number only 15. I have noticed that the companies I work for fall apart after I leave.

What has been your most exciting or interesting experience?

Shortly after I retired I was able to attend the World Series in St. Louis where the Cardinals won in 2006. I was right behind home plate and the celebration was awesome. 54,000 Cardinal fans going nuts for what seemed like forever. I have been a Cardinal fan for 60 plus years and I am now headed to the playoffs and hopefully the WS for 2009.

What do you do these days to have fun?

I have five grandchildren from age 6 to 12! As of 2017.
I also play golf. (not dull golf). Judy and I try to take one trip out of the country per year and four or five trips in the US. Actually visiting friends in St. Louis, Springfield, Dallas, Naples, and North Carolina is the most enjoyable thing we do.

What is it you still hope to do/accomplish?

Nothing. I have had a great life and now staying healthy and watching my children and grandchildren grow and achieve the same happiness I have found, is about it. Maybe another hole in one.


Judy and I were really disappointed to have missed the reunion. We will make it to the next one.

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With my wife, Judy, 1960 Parkview graduate.