Tom Fowler

Profile Updated: August 29, 2009
Tom Fowler
Residing In: Springfield, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: LINDA FERRELL
Yes! Attending Reunion
What is your first instantaneous memory of Parkview?

My first memory of Parkview goes not to the physical building....but to the people....the teachers, the administrators....but especially the young people who became lifelong friiends. There
is a certain bond that is developed by being with people every day for eight or ten hours a day and then socializing with them at night and on weekends. When I think of Parkview, many, many names and images pop into my head. I may not recognize anyone that I don't see on a regular basis because they are in my mind as they looked in 1959. I also think of our parents who, for many reasons, may have been part of the greatest generation.

Who was your favorite teacher and/or class and why?

Mr. Ryukowski was a wonderful algebra teacher whose son is a lawyer in Springfield, I think. Ada B. Griffin was someone who probably did not realize how valuable her teaching of typing would be to us in the coming computer age. The administrators were great and I specifically remember Bob Lewis, Fred Balden and James Ford. Mr Lewis we see frequently in church. He looks the same and can still whistle with the best of them. Herb Weston, the basketball coach had a great influence on my life in many ways. For one thing, he changed my lunch diet from coke and potato chips to more balanced foods. Other coaches who were helpful to me were Al Runge, Leslie Snlwden, Orville Pottenger and the Lechner brothers.

What was your favorite song and who sang it?

"Little Darling" and "Unchained Melody".

Describe your car and favorite destination:

I bought a 1953 Ford stick shift with few, if any, options....but it was great transportation. I paid three hundred dollars for it (which I had earned from my stamp machine business).

How have you changed since Parkview?

I am a step slower....or two.

What has been your most exciting or interesting experience?

Our forty-seven years of marriage and raising our two children and being involved with our three grandchildren has provided exciting and wonderful moments and memories, We have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities (and some of the time have been alert enough to recognize them). One of our hobbies has been to serve as volunteers in the political arena. This has provided wonderful memories as both Linda and I have had the opportunity to get a close up view of the political process.

What is it you still hope to do/accomplish?

I am working on a book that will probably be of interest only to me and my family. However, many of you Parkview '59 people will be in it (So be careful what you say to me because it may end up in my book). I hope to help my grandchildren get started down life's road but I also hope that they don't need much help.


I will always treasure those times and the people at Parkview with a special bond and wish them all God's blessings in the coming years.

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It's Tom Fowler's birthday today.
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It's Tom Fowler's birthday today.
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