2009 Reunion Picnic

The photos on this page were taken at the 2009 Reunion Picnic held on September 26th at the farm home of Ron and Michelle Ward in Nixa, Missouri.  These pictures focus on the live entertainment program at the picnic.  Additional picnic photos have been posted on the 2009 Photo Albums page. 

Ron Ward introduces the program

Who is this?


Sounds like Elvis.  Doesn't look like Elvis.

The "real" Elvis

Jane Adcock Martin

Sandra Lyle House

Diane Trowbridge

Judy Beeson & Rebecca Horn Whitney

Greta Edwards & Bonnie Chandler

Susanne Grayson Townsend

Sarah Butts


Elvis onstage


Linda Burrows Jones


Brenda Iseman


Carolyn Chastain Wampler


Lueda Eiffert Lucas

Carol Everman Gaskill


Don Butts introduces a second part of the program


Is this Johnny Cash?


The "real" Johnny Cash


Judy Berbereia

Ron & Don comedy routine

Ron tries an agility skill

It didn't really work

Ron wraps-up the program

Ron and Michelle Ward