The pictures on this page were taken at the 2014 55th Anniversary Reunion Picnic which was held on June 21st at the home of Ron and Michelle Ward in Nixa, Missouri.

This is the fourth time that the Ward's have hosted a picnic for our class.  The first was part of the 45th reunion in 2004.  The second was for the 50th reunion in 2009.  The third was the 70th Birthday Party in 2011.  We appreciate their generosity from which we have all benefited.  


Ron Ward Sings with the Band

Watching the Band

Ron Ward and Lorie Silvey

Standing: Michelle Ward.  Seated facing: John Buzan, Richard Donaldson, Ray Mashburn, 
Carol Splitter Katzfey, Don Katzfey.  Seated facing away: Jennene Todd Mashburn, 
Elaine Tewell Buzan, Becky Lowry Donaldson, Joe Stropp, Charli Stropp, Ron Pearce


Don Butts, Linda Burrows Jones, Laurel Butts

Lorie Silvey, Jeneta Helms and the CC Strange Band

Jim Bair with Jerry Dickey.  Kay Stone Martin, Connie Pauls Witmer, Terry Owen

Standing: Tom Groundwater, Sam Jones.  Seated facing: Jim Spence, Jane Walker Thomas,
Bob Thomas.  Seated facing away: Mary Groundwater, Anne O'Connell Remington,
Sue Strong Haden, Dudley Martin

Sarah Butts, Johnie Chandler, Patty Derrickson Bair

Carol Splitter Katzfey and Don Katzfey

Beverly Mabe Owen, Linda Burrows Jones, Sue Allen Roach
Terry Owen and Sam Jones


Jane Adcock Martin and Georgie Hicks

Tom Bauer, James Osborn, Sam Jones

Bob Thomas, Jane Walker Thomas, Ron Ward, Michelle Ward,
Linda Burrows Jones, Sam Jones


Lendol Hicks

Sue Allen Roach and Linda Burrows Jones

Jim Bair

Jim Bair Getting Help from Crystal Bland (Michelle Ward's Daughter)

Whit Ehrler, Jonna Hooper Gibson, Judy Donahoo Prout

Sam Jones and Dudley Martin

Tom Groundwater, Jim Spence, Mary Groundwater, Jane Adcock Martin

Jane Walker Thomas & Bob Thomas

Judy Donahoo Prout and Johnie Chandler

Joe & Charli Stropp

Tom & Mary Bauer

Emry & Betty Dilday

Jonna Hooper Gibson and Judy Donahoo Prout

Jane Adcock Martin, Connie Pauls Witmer, Connie Dickey

Bob Thomas and Lendol Hicks

Bob Thomas, Jane Walker Thomas, Lendol Hicks

Ron Foster, Connie Sooter Foster, William Martin, Georgie Hicks, Jim Bair

Jim Bair, Kay Stone Martin, Sue Allen Roach, Jeanine Smith

Jerry Dickey, Kendal Wells, Connie Dickey, Carolyn Seaton Wells, Sue Allen Roach